Values are principles, fundamental beliefs, and ideals which help to make considerable changes in behavior and thought processes of an individual. These are beliefs about what is right, what is wrong and what is important in one’s life. These guiding principles  helps to shape one’s behavior, outlook towards life and attitudes. The chief educational aim of Vimala Public School is the formation of the person, through not mere information but through instilling values about life. With this aim, we have pledged to inculcate values in our students through different value education programmes. Thus value education classes are implemented in the school for all classes, with the aim of teaching values to the children apart from their regular subjects. We provide value education classes twice in a week which ensure the gradual development in the learners’ thought process to a great extent. Inspiring excerpts from the lives of famous personalities and thoughts shared by great leaders are used as tools to engage learners in the process of learning. Along with value education classes, the school conducted three days retreat programme which helped in instilling values like self-confidence, respect and integrity among learners. The sessions and activities were designed and organized by ensuring the active participation of learners.

Vimala Public School always aspires towards creating a human society where dignity of a person is respected. Along with it, our cultural heritage, religious harmony and national integration are upheld as the highest principles. So the school conducted various activities in accordance with the  constitutional provision of Article 30. The students are part of different organizations which help them to nurture their intellectual as well as mental growth. Also the effective participation in such organizations fosters fellowship, harmony and understanding among learners. “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you”, following the words of St. Augustine, everyday our students devotedly attend the noon prayer. The children themselves take initiatives to read Holy Bible and such religious books. We the Vimala family tries to convey that even though education and values are two different disciplines they are interdependent and have inseparable ideologies. And we strongly believe that a person who leads a value based life will achieve success in life.