Art integration incorporates the arts throughout the learning process by infusing some forms of art, into the core curriculum. It is a teaching learning strategy based on the principle ‘learn through the arts’ and ‘learn with the arts’. The term integration simply means combining one thing with another to create a new whole. The same can be found in the art integration process where arts and curricular subjects are integrated as a whole. “Your students can learn the arts as well as learn through the arts” the words of Andrew Miller is the real inspiration for us to integrate art with other subjects. This strategy of teaching is really effective as it helps to improve motor abilities of learners along with a development in the language skills, social skills and productive skills of learners. Art is a universal language and so can be integrated with a wide variety of subjects. Keeping this thought in mind, we the Vimala family integrated art in our curriculum not only for specific academic subjects but also for all subjects. This attempt helps to attain mastery over the objective of dual learning where learners can engage in creative works to explore the strategies of learning related to art and other subjects which subsequently provide greater understanding in both. Playing with colours and drawing interesting pictures has always been the most preferable activity of any learner at any age. With this notion, we offered craft and drawing classes for learners to develop creative aspects of development. Through these classes we aimed at the development of learners’ feelings, their thinking, and coordination skills and that goal was achieved to a great extent. We also conducted art competitions at successive intervals as a way to explore the hidden talents in learners. From those competitions it is evident that competitions are the most effective tool to uncover the natural talents of the learners.Art  integration is carried out differently in different areas of studies. But all these differences contribute for the betterment of learners.