Integrity of learning with curiosity is effectively achieved through technological aids. It gives an additional edge to all learners with the high achievers being exposed to different outlook while the academically weaker students stay motivated. We have a wide range of leaning computing facilities which enhance learning across all subject areas. Classrooms are equipped with digital education solutions that empower the students to step in with the latest technology and have any time anywhere with quality study support. It aims to provide a child centric teaching learning environment in the class rooms. The well equipped smart classrooms in our school support a wide variety of learning styles. It gives the opportunities for our students to share and participate in the instructional process there by making the teaching learning process more effective. These smart classrooms empower the students through rich animated lessons, which make the learning exciting and engaging. Concepts are acquired in detail using media based modules. It also provides the facilities to practice the learnt concepts through a variety of tools like MCQs.