Arts and Sports Activities

Education demands the all-round development of a child and there lies the significance of inculcating arts and sports along with the curriculum. The world around us is changing faster than we can imagine resulting in an uncertain future. What makes our children strong is developing the intelligence habit of the mind and giving a stable emotional intelligence. Thus, inculcation of arts and sports plays a vital role in the educational system. We the Vimala family can proudly say that we give equal importance to arts and sports along with the academics and the achievements of our students are the best example for this. We do ensure that each child is always occupied and spends his/her energy constructively. Likewise, participating in arts helps a child in showcasing their talent to the best of their ability and presenting themselves to the world out there. The following are the glimpses of such wonderful platforms given to the students in regard to arts and sports:


Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. Sports and games always create enthusiasm and team spirit. So we also give enough opportunity to train and improve the talents and skills of our students in the field of sports and games. Sports as a subject and as a recreational period is equally considered and 5 periods in a week are given exclusively for it. The students are well taught and trained during these periods focusing on their physical fitness and mental health which give a sound body and mind. We are also blessed to have a spacious ground and other facilities, in order to boost our sports and games. Our students participate in different tournaments and athletics and have achieved and won prizes. There is also active participation from the part of our students in the Central Kerala Athletic Championship. Every year Annual Sports Day is conducted and celebrated enthusiastically with variety programmes. We could accomplish all these achievements because of the gracious presence of Almighty among us and also with the team spirit and energetic vibe of both teachers and students.

Celebrations and Day Observance

Celebrations are integral part of school life. These moments add life and vigor to school life and are instrumental in the all round development of personality. We take keen interest in observing the days of importance following the CBSE calendar. These days are celebrated with its due importance by conducting different activities and competitions.  World Environment Day, Reading Week, International Yoga Day, Anti Drugs Day, Patron’s Day, Independence Day, Onam Celebration, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Christmas Celebration, National Sports Day, Arts Fest and Annual Sports Day etc are some of the days observed and celebrated. Various activities will be conducted on these days starting from the morning assembly. These celebrations and observations bring a festive mood among the students and their active participation in every field can be clearly seen and experienced during those days. Everyone, from the tiny tot to the head of the school can be seen actively, energetically and wholeheartedly working together for bringing out the best.


We are providing ample opportunities for the inculcation of art education and the students are well trained by competent teachers in each field whether it is dance, music, crafts, drawing, painting, martial arts etc. Students are taking active participation in all art related programmes with the guidance and support of their enthusiastic teachers and parents as well. Different competitions are organized onstage and offstage in connection with the Arts Fest. It is a time of merriment and joy. Various stages that are filled with vibrant colors and rhythmic music will witness different competitions which will be judged by eminent judges. The Arts Fest is a platform for the students to exhibit their inborn talents and to show their proficiencies in different areas.  These kinds of competitions and activities give the students opportunities to explore themselves and to manifest their abilities and skills to frame the artist in them. We are able to organize all these activities so well with the God’s grace and also with the efficient leadership, guidance and co-operation of all. We are also very proud to mention about the achievements of our students in the Central Kerala Sahodaya Complex. Our students participate in most of the competitions and bring good name and fame to our school. The students from class 3 onwards participated in Expression Series 2020. We could witness the active participation of our students even in the time of limitations. The students took part in it with all its seriousness following the instructions and guidance given by the teachers